How to waterproof your high tech clothing

How to waterproof your high tech clothing

The best solution to waterproof or re-treat your high tech clothing is to use a fabric waterproofing spray.
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The best solution to waterproof or re-treat your high tech clothing is to use a fabric waterproofing spray. Before you grab that waterproofing spray bottle and begin spraying your clothing, many times you can improve or restore its water repellency simply by washing the clothing with a fabric cleaner that removes the dirt and grime from the fibers. We have another article on washing your high tech clothing but assuming you've got a clean fabric you wish to re-waterproof the steps are very simple.

Read the labels

This includes reading both the garments care tag and the entire bottle of the fabric waterproofing spray. The care tag instructions and warnings should always take precedent over any products applied onto the fabric.

Hang in a well ventilated area

This is particularly important for solvent based fabric waterproofing sprays and because some people are sensitive to products, it is also a good measure even when spraying our Trek7 water-based fabric waterproofing sprays.

Protect from overspray

You can use plastic sheeting, plastic bags or other means but protect the areas around where you will be spraying the waterproofing. This is also very important with solvent based products since overspray can effect plastic or other materials but not as much of a concern with our water-based fabric waterproofing sprays.

Test First

It's a good idea to always test new products in a small area first to ensure they meet your expectations.

Spray the entire garment

There is nothing complicated about actually spraying the entire clothing. First focus on the top areas of the clothing that are more likely to be exposed to the rain and elements and be sure to evenly spray the entire garment.

Don't overapply

More is not necessarily better. You may create build up on the fabric and you'll likely get some fabric waterproofing running off onto the ground. It may be best to apply a thinner coat then let dry and test the water repellency. You can always apply another coat if the water repellency is not sufficient.

Allow to dry

Most fabric waterproofing sprays are air dry formulas. Our Trek7 fabric waterproofing sprays can be air dried or (if the garment care tag allows) to let sit for 10-15 minutes and then either hand ironed or thrown into a heated dryer. This heat activation will help improve the durability of the waterproofing.

That sums it up and if you have any questions or need additional guidance please feel free to reach out!




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