Boat Cover Protectant, Boat Cover protector fabric spray. Fabric protectant spray for Boats, watercraft, ships, jet skis, seadoos, sea doos, cover water repellent, ski cover fabric protector

Advanced Waterproofing Spray
for Boat & Marine

  • adds or restores water repellency
  • no odor, yellowing, or stiffening
  • water-based, NOT solvent based
  • Fights staining and soiling
  • Easy to Apply

No aerosols, no harsh chemicals, just performance

80 sq ft
160 sq ft
640 sq ft


16 oz
32 oz
1 gal
Ships Same / Next Day

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Waterproofing Spray formulated for the treament of today's boat & marine fabrics

Aqua Armor for Boat & Marine is a safe waterproofing product for all fabrics found in boat covers and bimini tops. Aqua Armor provides longer lasting waterproofing and stain protection.

Formulated for Fabric Types:

Specially formulated for use on all of today's boat & marine fabrics

Superior On:

Designed for wateproofing all high performance outdoor fabrics found in boating and marine fabrics used in tops, covers and more!

Sun/UV Activated Formulation

Aqua Armor for Boat & Marine cures and bonds to the fabric. Simply spray on and let dry. For best results, let dry in full sunlight.

Earth Friendly Solutions

All of Trek7's products are water-based and contain no heavy solvents, harsh chemicals or aerosols. We strive to make solutions that are safe for the environment without affecting superior performance.

Customer Reviews

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"Worked well. I found that it dried better by air flow versus trying to dry with high heat. Stopped my leaking cover for the last few months. I'll update in the future."

-Submitted by Shawn J. (Florida)

"I used it on my seadoo cover and seems to be holding up. Just don't overapply. This stuff seems like a heavy waterproofing. Went ahead and put it on my bbq cover too. Same good results."

-Submitted by Ken L.

"First to comment! used on the boat cover but I ran out of the bottle so I had to pick up another bottle. Guess I have some left over in case I need it down the road. Put some on seats too and seems to work alright"

-Submitted by Beckie Huntlin

Frequently Asked Questions


What size bottle do I need?

16 ounce can do up to 80 square feet and 32 ounce up to 160 square feet. We use high output triggers so be sure not to over apply. Try a single coat first and test for waterproofing.

Will Aqua Armor affect my fabric?.

Aqua Armor will not affect the color, feel, or pliability of the fabric and dries odor free!

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How To Apply

  1. Start with thoroughly clean and dry fabric free of soap residue. Follow the manufacturer;s directions to remove all soiling and residue
  2. Apply outdoors or in a well-ventilated area
  3. Test for colorfastness in small inconspicuous area
  4. Spray until item is evenly wet slightly overlapping sprays
  5. if drops form on surface, wet a sponge with Aqua Armor and gently wipe drop. Do not allow large drops to dry
  6. Allow treated fabric to dry completely. Full sunlight is preferable. Leave out over several days for best results
  7. Test for waterproofing by sprinkling water on surface. If protection is not sufficient, a second application may be necessary.


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